Africa is the world’s second-largest continent in terms of surface area and population density. Together with the islands regarded as adjacent to it, it covers an area of 30.8 million km², that is to say, 6% of the world's surface area and 24.4% of the lands in the world.

As from the second half of the 21st century, Africa is expected to play a more active role in the international system and to become an actor with increasing influence on the global stage. In recent years, the economic and commercial potential and the geopolitical influence of the fast-growing Continent in many areas have started to attract many countries and investors to Africa. Turkey shares its own historical experiences, social, political, and cultural background, facilities, and resources with African countries within the framework of the principle ‘’African solutions to African problems’’ and based on mutual advantage.

As Nora Global Logistics, we organize all loading and delivery operations of the humanitarian aid programs, which are conducted by the Turkish Red Crescent for African countries with the donations of the Turkish people regularly.
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As Nora Global Logistics, we will be glad to assist you, our valued customers, in your transportation operations throughout the Continent of Africa with our expert team and experience.

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