Even all parties exercise due diligence for the delivery of your load without damage or loss, unfortunately, unfavourable situations which cannot be controlled, prevented or predicted, such as natural disasters, can cause damage or loss.

Commodity Transport Insurance is an insurance against the damage or losses that can your load incur during the transportation of your load from one point to another by transport vehicles (seaway, airway, road and railroads). We, Nora, provide our customers different commodity transport products and indemnity according to their needs.

Total Loss Indemnity

It provides indemnity, in case of your load to lose its value together with the transportation vehicle due to reasons specified in the policy.

Narrow-Scoped Indemnity

It is an indemnity that provides assurance to your losses as a result of partial risks (grounding of the ship, capsizing, clash, crashing of vehicle, collision, rollover, land subsidence, flood, river flooding, go off the track, fire explosion etc.) which can be occurred to your load during the delivery of your commodities that are made by various vehicles.

Extended Indemnity

Extended Commodity Transport Insurances provide protection against all risks in general without make distinctions between vehicles. Also, the damages which occur due to war or strike can be included in the insurance upon request.