Nora Global Logistics, as an institution that is aware of its responsibilities in all matters related to the environment and of the duty of leaving a livable, beautiful and clean world to the next generations, supports rail transport and is involved in its organization.

Iron Silk Road

From the line at the length of 838 kilometers planned to provide contributions to regional wealth in economic and international relations terms 76 kilometers pass through Turkey, 259 kilometers pass through Georgia and 503 kilometers pass through Azerbaijan. 4 stations, 3 bridges ad 76 kilometers of railway are built in the Turkish region of the project. It is foreseen by this line that freight setting off from China is transported to the Caspian Sea and Baku Alat Port over Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, to Europe over Georgia and Turkey therefrom. 1 million passengers and 6 and half million tons of freight shall be carried annually by the line at the first phase. It is planned that transportation capacity shall be increased to 3 million passengers and 17 million tons of freight until 2034.

Railway transportation shall maintain to develop in the future as well as in the past and continue to project its advantages.

Advantageous of railway transportation;

  • Competitive Price Advantages
  • Annual Price Guarantee
  • Project Transportation
  • Door To Door Delivery
  • Advantage To Be Exempt From Transit Road Permission
  • Heavy Freight and Out Of Gauge Transportation
  • Advantage Not To Be Affected From Road and Air Conditions