IATA Membership

Monday, August 10, 2020

Nora Global has been a member of IATA since 06.03.2020

IATA (International Air Transport Association)

The International Air Transport Association was founded in 1945 by the airlines of several countries to regulate the world’s civil air transport. It is the successor to the International Air Transportation Association founded at Hague in 1919.

As a non-governmental organization, it drew its legal existence from a special Act of Canadian Parliament in December 1945. It closely resembles the International Civil Aviation Organization in term of its activities and organizational structure.

IATA is a voluntary, non-exclusive, non-political democratic organization and its membership is open to any operating airline which has been licensed to provide scheduled air services by the government.

Objectives of IATA

IATA is purely a non-political, commercial regulatory organization and has powers to regulate every act of its constituents. The main objectives of IATA are:

• To ensure the safe, regular and economical air transport for the benefits of people worldwide.

• To provides a means of collaboration.

• To prevent economic waste caused by unreasonable competition.

• To promote and develop international tourism.

• To provide a common platform for travel agencies and tour operators.

• To provide training and education facilities for members.

• To cooperate with the International Civil Aviation Organisation and other international and national organizations.